– Frequently Asked Questions –

Q: If we are committing to Forward, how does this change my giving to the general fund, and other special offerings?

A: During this two-year period (October 2016 thru October 2018), every gift you bring to God through The Gathering Place is a contribution to the Forward initiative. Through the “One Fund” approach we are taking, all ministry initiatives and all money supporting those initiatives (including a new worship facility) will be included in Forward.


Q: What if I have never given to The Gathering Place Church before?

A: Forward was crafted specifically with you in mind. Forward is a “One Fund” generosity initiative, meaning that it is different from a traditional capital campaign where you are called to give an extra gift above and beyond your normal giving - thus creating TWO STEPS for people who aren’t yet giving. Forward is a call to sacrificial, Gospel-centered generosity for absolutely everyone at The Gathering Place Church. If you have never given before, this is your chance to begin partnering with God. We really hope you will.


Q: What if I am new around here?

A: Forward is about God’s vision for His church. We believe that the local church is one of the most compelling missions to give towards, and we would really love for you to make The Gathering Place Church your home. This is a perfect time for you to put a stake in the ground and make this your church. We need you on the team!


Q: What are unconventional ways that I can give more to Forward?

A: Be creative as you explore ways you and your family can give to Forward. You can have yard sales and fund raisers. You can donate stock, property or other valuable items. You may have stored resources (investment accounts, large bank accounts, etc.) that God has blessed you with that He may be calling you to give out of during this time. To donate shares of stock, please email us at forward@gpchurch.tv.


Q: One major component of Forward is a new worship facility. How long will it take to complete the new worship facility?

A: Once the project begins it will take approximately 18-24 months to complete.


Q: Why do we need a new worship facility?

A: When worship facilities reaches 70-75% capacity rate at the main service time, people will not come or visit, limiting the growth of the church. Both of our worship facilities are now at that mark. We feel that we have reached capacity, and now need to make room for those God continues to send our way.


Q: How big will the new worship facility be?

A: The combined worship center and kids building will be ~70,000 sq ft. The worship center will seat approximately 1100 people. The kids space will facilitate 400-500 children. Our current weekly worship attendance at both TGP campuses is 800-1000 adults and 300-400 children. This new facility will allow us to combine all Moody Campuses into one space.


Q: What will be in the new building?

A: Worship center, cafe and bookstore, spacious atrium, admin space, nursery, pre-k, and elementary worship and classroom space.


Q: Will the new building have a good kids facility?

A: Yes! It will have an amazing kids facility for children aged birth - 5th grade that includes both worship and classroom space for small groups. The kids facility will be all under one roof, connected to the main auditorium area. This makes it more convenient for parents and decreases the drop-off and pick-up times.


Q: What will the building offer for children with special needs?

A: There will be designated and specially equipped space for children with special needs to allow us to expand our ministry and serve those children.


Q: In addition to the new worship facility, what will Forward accomplish?

A: God has blessed us with a clear vision, and very effective systems. The only thing keeping us from reaching more people is resources. Giving to Forward will allow TGP to close the vision gap and minister at a higher capacity. That means more missional involvement, more outreach, more groups, more opportunities to serve, and more people experiencing the life that God has promised!


You may have questions that aren’t answered here. If so, we encourage you to reach out to our Forward Team. Our Forward “Vision Ambassadors” can help answer any questions you may have. Email us at forward@gpchurch.tv.

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